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Rumena Pervin - who can benefit from therapy

Who can benefit from therapy

Anyone who wants to invest in themselves to live their best life, whatever that looks like, can benefit from Counselling or Psychotherapy, although it is not suitable if you are in the midst of an immediate mental health crisis, for example if you feel you are on the verge of hurting yourself or others.  I urge anyone in that situation to seek help from the NHS and other organisations by clicking here right now.


The reasons that people seek my help vary too widely to fully capture here but there are some common themes that will speak to many.


Perhaps you want to explore past or current issues and their impact on your life.  Perhaps you want a renewed focus on self-development or your identity.  You might feel you need to overcome obstacles in your life such as a loss of confidence or relationship difficulties.  Maybe you have suffered a bereavement or other life change which feels overwhelming.  You could sense that you have lost touch with your own thoughts and feelings, causing you to be influenced by external pressures more than you would like.  Or you may just have a general sense of discontentment that you want to talk through.


For many people, just talking about what has happened to them or what they are experiencing is one of the best things they can do.  When we have had a negative experience or find things difficult in life, we can sometimes feel shame or guilt and that can cause us to isolate ourselves or not tell others for fear of judgement.  Being able to then share our thoughts and feelings with someone we can trust and who will not judge us can, in itself, be a profound and incredibly healing experience.

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