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Rumena Pervin - Fees


Therapy is about sympathetically helping people, many of whom are in very difficult situations, so fees can be a delicate subject.


Therapy is my vocation and I am passionate about helping people, but I have to balance that against it also being my livelihood.

My aim

I would like us to agree fees that are:


  • Fair for you:  This is important because your therapy is all about you and your circumstances, so it’s entirely right that your financial situation can inform the setting of fees if you want that to happen, but not everyone will.  Reaching out for professional help can be hard enough, so I don’t want finances to be any more of a barrier than they need to be.  With that in mind, if you are taking the opportunity of a free no-obligation pre-assessment, please consider beforehand whether you would like to draw any specific adverse circumstances to my attention (e.g. being unemployed).  Either way, I benchmark my fees against those of comparable providers to ensure that even my non-discounted fees are competitive.

  • Realistic for me:  This is important because Counselling and Psychotherapy are specialist areas of expertise that add a lot of client value that deserves recognition, whilst operating a comprehensive and compliant practice based in London involves substantial costs and has required years of self-funded study which is ongoing to enable my continuous development for the benefit of clients.

  • Sustainable for both of us:  This is important because most therapeutic outcomes are achieved over months rather than weeks, so it’s important that we can both be confident that we are giving ourselves enough time to get to where you want to be.

Reaching agreement

I don’t quote specific numbers here because they vary according to factors such as:


  • Whether I apply a discretionary discount to reflect specific adverse financial circumstances (e.g. being unemployed)

  • Whether the client is seeking a premium slot (i.e. during the weekend)

  • Whether the client is an individual, a couple, a group or an organisation and within that, whether an organisation is a charity.


Specific numbers will be discussed during your free pre-assessment meeting as detailed here.


In the meantime, my FAQ deals with a number of related and specific questions around topics such as payment methods, cancellation, etc.

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