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Rumena Pervin - Counselling and Psychotherapy defined

Counselling and Psychotherapy defined

These terms are used widely and interchangeably so it’s worth considering their actual meaning.


Counselling and Psychotherapy are both types of talking therapy which aim to identify, observe and better understand human issues and behaviours, illuminating the reasons behind them and exploring routes to navigate confusing and difficult parts of life.  They both offer a chance to reflect on what is going well and how to achieve a better life.

Counselling is aimed at addressing life issues that are of the present, but not particularly rooted in your past.  It can help you in navigating a whole host of everyday life issues, including things like relationship issues, bereavement, work stress, parenting challenges, general anxiety about the future, etc. 

Psychotherapy differs from Counselling in that it is aimed at helping you to address current life issues that are seen to have their origins in your past.  In contrast to Counselling, Psychotherapy can be expected to be more intensive since it delves much more deeply and can involve unpacking uncomfortable realities around adverse life experiences such as dysfunctional relationships with parents during childhood.

Typically, but not always, Psychotherapy is undertaken over a longer period than Counselling.

My training and qualifications enable me to blend both Counselling and Psychotherapy as is often required, making me a ‘Psychotherapeutic Counsellor’.

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