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Rumena Pervin - The potential benefits of therapy

The potential benefits of therapy

I want to assist you in dealing with the challenges in your life and particularly any dislike of looking inwards, in order to better equip you to face what may be difficult.


If you engage my help, you should start to feel the benefits very early on in the process and certainly within the first few sessions.  My hope is to give you an experience of yourself in our sessions that will, over time, carry over into the various areas of your life and allow you to be more at peace within yourself.


The benefits you can hope to get will depend on the challenges you are experiencing, as well as whether your situation is to be addressed through Counselling or Psychotherapy or a combination of both.  Here are some examples across a range of common themes:



  • Connect with your true self by examining past and present experiences

  • Identify, understand and authentically express your feelings, emotions, thought processes, beliefs and needs as part of learning about yourself and your behaviours

  • Find a fresh perspective by gaining greater insight and clarity on the difficulties you are facing and their root causes

  • Challenge any unchecked beliefs that might be hampering your progress or stopping you from advancing

  • Make sense of your own story and conflicts so you can increase your awareness and come to decisions that are right for you.

Mental health and wellbeing:

  • Recover from adverse life experiences or unresolved emotional traumas by putting them into context and reaching a level of closure

  • Address challenges such as grief, relationship problems, depression, work stress, etc.

  • Improve your mental and emotional health, sense of self-worth and general wellbeing to become more of a fully functioning person.



  • Explore your trigger points to understand why you react to them as you do

  • Identify, understand and utilise your own sources of resilience

  • Build emotional resilience by gaining better coping mechanisms for responding to difficult feelings and situations

  • Adjust to what you are experiencing so you can start to make better, heathier choices.



  • Build a better and deeper relationship with yourself

  • Gain a better understanding of your past and present relationships to others

  • Address social challenges

  • Improve your ability to form or strengthen personal and professional relationships

  • Increase your assertiveness by, for example, learning to set and apply boundaries

  • Learn to share feelings with your partner as part of improving your conflict resolution skills

  • Improve emotional and physical intimacy with your partner.



  • Reduce the level of incongruence between your ideal and actual self

  • Gain a stronger sense of identity

  • Improve your self-esteem through increased self-acceptance and compassion for yourself

  • Build courage to confidently show your true self to the world around you.



  • Evaluate how your ideals, goals and passions fit in with your current circumstances

  • Improve your ability to trust your own intuition and decisions

  • Empower yourself to make the changes needed to pursue the life you want.


In summary, through Counselling, Psychotherapy, or a combination of both, you can take control of your life and start to get back on track, fulfil more of your potential and perhaps even discover a life you didn’t think possible.

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