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Rumena Pervin - It's OK to need help and it's available right now

It's OK to need help and it's available right now

Life will always present experiences that can result in ups, downs, transitions, or our feeling discontent about things like who we are, how we’re perceived by others, or how our life has worked out thus far.  These experiences can relate to recent or current life events that occurred suddenly and unexpectedly, or gradually over time.  Equally, these experiences can relate to our earlier history, perhaps in childhood, but with their effects still being felt today.

Whilst these experiences can be positive, often they or their effects are extremely challenging for various and complex reasons.  Even one specific issue can have a big impact on our lives, but we may have multiple challenges, or it may feel like lots of thoughts and feelings have been building up and need to be addressed before they manifest into something more serious.

Being unhappy or overwhelmed by life can often exceed the limits of our normal resilience and leave us feeling very lost or isolated.  These feelings will be intense for many and unbearable for some.  Circumstances like these can be very difficult to cope with and may seriously affect our lives at home or at work.  We may find ourselves repeating the same patterns, making us feel stuck and frustrated.  We may not be coping with all the things that need to get done.  Our sleep, general wellbeing and quality of life can be severely impacted.

It’s natural to be concerned that the issues we are experiencing will persist and to feel stuck in a position of unhappiness that raises fears about the future, but seeking a better way forward can itself be painful and difficult to do alone.

Often during such difficult times, we feel unsure about who we can or should turn to.  In many cases, simply talking things through with friends, family or colleagues can provide resolution and that’s great.  However, there are times when those around us just cannot understand what is going on or we may not want them to know what we are going through.  Other times, it’s these relationships themselves that may be causing problems.

What do we do when our close circle has not provided the answers and that feeling of heaviness just won’t go away?  How do we keep going and maintain a functioning life?  How do we manage our relationships at home or at work?  How do we move towards getting on the right path?  How do we recognise and enjoy life’s better moments?

The journey to gaining control of your life may seem too long or the destination simply unreachable but you don’t have to work it out alone.  By engaging me as your Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, I can be your supportive companion as you embark on the often demanding but healing journey to better mental health and wellbeing that is offered by Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Perhaps you feel unsure about the support I can offer, but absolutely anyone can benefit from becoming more aware of how they see the world and why.  Having an independent perspective from a therapist who is unconnected with your daily life and who can provide a safe space in which to provide support, is very powerful in moving forward.

Of course, making the decision to reach out to a stranger for help can be hard for all sorts of reasons and it’s tempting to make do with the idea that there is always someone worse off, or that your situation isn’t serious enough to justify seeking professional help, or that to seek help is to admit weakness.  But the reality is that seeking and undergoing professional therapy is an act of very considerable strength and is an investment in yourself to help you overcome the challenges that are important to you, whatever they are and however they compare to the challenges of others.

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